Halfmman News http://www.halfmman.com/rss.php halfmman.com delivers the latest news and information about our products pt-pt info@halfmman(Halfmman) Cyber Dragon <img src="http://www.halfmman.com/images/new-cyberdragon.png" alt="Cyber Dragon" height="50%" width="50%" /> A new gaming line by Halfmman http://www.halfmman.com/news.php?n=0 Headphones, keyboards, mouses, and mouse pads, give shape to Cyber Dragon and represent one more Halfmman forward step. A huge step. Of a DRAGON! One line entirely dedicated to true gamers and video game lovers. Enter the adventure ... and discover a real myth, technological! New Image <img src="http://www.halfmman.com/images/tokkan.png" alt="New Image" height="50%" width="50%" /> Almost celebrating 20 years. http://www.halfmman.com/news.php?n=1 Almost celebrating 20 years, Halfmman is now an adult brand, who knows what it wants. Being closer to its audience and make them feel good with near Halfmman. With this objective, the Halfmman renewed its image, being the same Halfmman ever, but with a rejuvenated image. Urban Headset <img src="http://www.halfmman.com/images/img_01.png" alt="Urban Headset" height="50%" width="50%" /> The Halfmman launched a new line of headphones. http://www.halfmman.com/news.php?n=2 The Halfmman launched a new line of headphones, the Urban Headset, a concept that takes quite urban, young and fun. Compact design, lightweight, only 200gms, the Urban Headset can be used anywhere, at home, at work, on the street or on the road, are an excellent company and allow maximum comfort. Enjoy music style! Always! Anywhere!